Welcome to Akbar Trading

In almost 20 years, Akbar Trading has become a well respected and successful wholesaler in the carpet capital of Hamburg. The company name stands for classical and modern oriental carpets from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, India, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and China as well as a high-quality provenance after own designs.

The origins of Akbar Trading GmbH go back 100 years. At that time Haji Sher Ali began to broker business with hand knotted Afghan carpets. Over the years Haji Sher Ali established himself as a trader and finally passed his company to his son Haji Islam. As early as the nineteen-sixties Haji Islam made contacts with Germany and sold some of his good through a friendly trader here in Hamburg. As a result of the civil war in Afghanistan Haji Islam and his family emigrated to Germany in 1990. Haji Islam founded Akbar Trading GmbH and subsequently handed the company over to his five sons.

Akbar Trading started out with a storage area of 300 sqare meters and sold its Afghan carpets right away successfully at the Domotex. Customers requested a fuller range of goods and in 1992 carpets from Pakistan, Iran and India were added. The product line includes inexpensive hand-knotted carpets from Iran. In 2006 storage was rented in Warsaw to extend the marketing position in Poland and Eastern Europe. Nowadays Akbar Trading under the direction of Mohammad Akbar offers at its headquarters in Hamburg 45,000 to 60,000 sqm of classical and modern oriental carpets spread over 2,000 sqm of storage and exhibits at the Domotex on 150 sqm.

Five years ago began the developement of an own prevenance: Moghul. The handspun Ghazni wool dyed with pure natural dyes (!) is handled in Afghanistan. These carpets with classical and modern pattern are increasingly appreciated by carpet enthusiasts and retailers with a high-quality product line. Moreover, in 2008 a newly developed Ziegler Silk is going to be available.

The Akbar brothers with their farsighted management and modest character succeeded to create a net of reliable suppliers, an own provenance, to win increasingly regular customers and to stear the company organically growing through the declining sales years of the oriental carpet industry. Mohammed and Khalil Akbar take turns as salesman in Hamburg and buyer in the countries of origin. Logistics and shipping are handled by Qiam and Samim Akbar. Qasim Akbar operates in selling, buying and shipping according to requirements and is the perfect example of the Akbar brothers always working hand in hand.